Monday, December 14, 2009

Chocolate Truffle Candy

Brandi has one more delicious candy recipe that I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. It's her mom's chocolate truffle recipe. Once again Brandi makes these at Christmas for friends and family. Are you one of the lucky ones that receive a plate of her goodies at Christmas?

Chocolate Truffle Candy
6 oz. cream cheese
4 cups powdered sugar (1 box)
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate squares
1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted (broil lightly) and chopped
1 tablespoon vanilla
pinch of salt

Semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted in microwave

Mix together all ingredients except the chocolate chips. (You can use a spoon or a hand mixer.) Shape into balls and put on wax paper or plastic wrap, on a cookie tray. Refrigerate balls for a couple of hours before dipping. Dip each ball, one at a time, using a spoon in the melted chocolate chips. You can decorate with white chocolate drizzles. Serve in mini-muffin paper cups.

**You can use any kind of chocolate. As you can see in the picture I even dipped a few in the white chocolate with dark chocolate drizzles. Well, some didn't drizzle--they plopped! Brandi uses milk chocolate, too.

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  1. Nancee -- You will not believe this. I just got out that recipe to start making these for the goodies to give to our neighbors and hometeaching families. In fact my friend who now lives in Chicago just e-mail me for the recipe. I decided to check out your blog and there it was. The recipe. Love your blog.