Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Mummy" Dogs

I thought this was such a great idea. My daughter-in-law, Brandi, made these last Halloween for her family. It's just hot dogs all wrapped up like mummies. Cute, huh?

"Mummy Dogs"

1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
2 1/2 slices of American cheese, quartered
10 hot dogs
Cooking spray
Mustard and/or Ketchup (if desired)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Unroll dough, separate at perforations, making 4 rectangles. Press perforations to seal. Cut each rectangle lengthwise into 10 pieces, making a total of 40 pieces of dough. Slice cheese slices into quarters--the half slice of cheese, cut in half.

Put a slit lenghwise in hot dog and put slice of cheese on top of slit. Wrap 4 pieces of dough around each hot dog to look like bandages, stretching dough slightly to completely cover the hot dog. About 1/2 inch from one end of each hot dog(not the cheese side), separate "bandages" so hot dog shows through for a "face". On ungreased large cookie sheet, place wrapped hot dogs
(cheese side down), and spray dough slightly with cooking spray.

Bake 13 - 17 minutes or until dough is light golden brown and hot dogs are hot. With mustard draw features on "face".
My granddaughter, Addy, helped me make them. I started them with one strand of dough (to secure the cheese) and then she finished wrapping them.I separated the bandages to make the face. We baked them, used mustard to put a face on them and ate them all up. (I put the mustard in a small baggie, snipped the corner and decorated the mummy's face. Brandi suggested doing this and it worked great!)
You can tell little McKinley loved them, too.


  1. cute mom!!! love it! I have a new idea for this year. i'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. I did these last night for my kids and they loved it. I also roasted zucchini strips and put ketchup on the ends and called them "witches fingers". Fun - thanks for the great ideas!
    Meredith (Tricia's friend in TX)